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Hi I’m Karen.  I love to help others feel good and be at their optimum so they can do all the things they want to, without their health holding them back.

I love the medicinal power of plants and find the symbiosis between humans and plants fascinating.
I’m still amazed at how good herbal medicine is when I use herbs for myself and my family.

Stress and anxiety have such a big impact on health and human physiology that many of my prescribed herbal blends include one or two herbs to remedy this.

Anxiety and stress can make you feel awful and affect your relationships and the people around you.  They can cause other health conditions too or make them worse, leaving you feeling like you wish you were someone that didn’t suffer from them.

The hormonal and neurophysiological changes that happen alongside anxiety have an huge impact on women’s health – pms, menopause symptoms, pcos, infertilty to name just a few.  Even when you think you are not stressed but your period arrives late or becomes irregular you realise ‘Oh maybe I AM stressed’!

Sometimes you don’t even realise you have anxiety until something breaks inside you and you have your first panic attack or feel like you cant breathe properly….or you wonder what is that sudden lump in your throat? It feels like you are going to choke or that you’re being strangled.  But all that can be a sign you need to reassess your life.  Slow down maybe.  Perhaps fix what you don’t like about your life.  Or maybe it’s none of those and you really just need to learn how to manage stress and anxiety.

You may wonder is this ever going to end?  You may be experiencing what seems like a vicious circle.  Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with IBS and have been told it’s stress related.  So you have it because you are stressed but the symptoms are making you more stressed out which makes the symptoms worse still.  And now there will be changes in your gut – such as gut dysbiosis – the ‘bad’ bacteria have overpowered the ‘good’. 

So not only do you have to figure out how to reduce stress but how do I change my gut bacteria?  Anyway how can my mind and thoughts affect my gut?Use the resources on this site and follow me on facebook and instagram to understand the mechanisms behind anxiety and stress and their impacts on other conditions.  They may even become your friend when you know how to manage them and even let them go completely.  Is it possible to change your brain so that you are less prone to anxiety?  Yes it is!


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Herbal Medicine Helps:

Since time began, humans have used plants as medicine

herbal medicine = plant medicine

How are plants medicinal?

Plant Chemicals

Plants can’t run away when animals try to eat them so they produce chemicals to deter their enemies.  Just like humans, plants also need to fight disease and make babies.  So they produce chemical compounds to attract pollinators (birds, bees, butterflies and bats) and kill pathogens (bacteria and viruses).  

These chemicals are biologically active in our bodies.  Since time began, humans have used plants to heal themselves.

Plant Science

Pharmacognosy (say what?) is the scientific study of plants – how they effect the human body and their potential as drugs.  (a branch of pharmacology).  Wild forests around the world are bursting with medicinal plants that local people rely on for good health.  

Did you know in the UK we have vast areas of land for growing medicinal plants?  Fields of opium poppies (nature’s painkiller) are cultivated and made into morphine for UK hospitals, providing 50% of all morphine used in the UK.  (P.S. Don’t get any ideas their locations are shrouded in secrecy).

Plant Medicine

We know a nibble on the wrong plant can harm and even kill us.   But a huge number of plants have positive and healing effects in humans.  Many plants do both depending on dose – too much of it and you’re a goner, but a moderate amount and you’re good:


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