.Organic .Biodynamic .Wildcrafted

At Herbal Sanctum, our potions and lotions are herbalist formulated.   Our herbal concoctions have been created with organic, biodynamic and wildcrafted herbs.  Most of our tinctures and oils are made with biodynamically grown plants.

In a nutshell this means growing plants by tuning in to nature’s rhythms using the phases of the moon and planets to sow, plant and harvest.  Biodynamic gardens have increased vitality of soil, producing strong healthy plants and in our opinion, are more potent!

 Our herbal oils are made with dried plants while our herbal tinctures are made using both fresh and dried plants.  Where possible, we favour UK grown herbs.

Our potions and lotions are formulated by our herbalist and founder following many moons and long nights stirring the cauldron.  Well, actually, many years blending and formulating for patients as a practicing medical herbalist.