Herbal Remedies

hawthorn berry and waxwing

Hawthorn and The Heart

Hawthorn and The Heart It’s easy to identify the Hawthorn Tree by its uniquely shaped leaves.The video below shows the hawthorn’s leaf.  I just love this video with the Dunnock bird singing under the cover of the hawthorn tree.  You can see a few white flowers beginning to open. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQP9KcD28JE Hawthorn berries are small, red …

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Valeriana officinalis

Valerian Monograph

Valerian Monograph Valerian is an effective remedy for nervous system complaints and was famously put to use in the second world war as a treatment for shell shocked soldiers. Botanical Name:  Valeriana officinalis Family:  Valerianaceae Parts Used:  Root and rhizome Flowering Period:  June – August Constituents:  volatile oil (borneol, camphene, valerenic acid), alkaloids, iridoid valepotriates, …

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Peppermint Monograph

Peppermint Monograph

Peppermint Monograph Peppermint is commonly known as a remedy for colds and intestinal spasms. Botanical Name: Mentha piperita Family: Lamiaceae Parts Used: Leaves or aerial parts before flowering Flowering Period: July – October Constituents: Volatile oil (menthol), flavonoids, phenolic acids, triterpenes, bitter principle, gum, resins Medicinal Actions: Internally – antispasmodic, carminative, antiemetic, antitussive, diaphoretic, stomachic, …

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Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) Monograph

Mullein Monograph

Mullein is commonly known as a respiratory remedy, stimulating fluid production and reducing inflammation which makes it a great expectorant. Read on for the full monograph …

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Mullein Folklore

Mullein Folklore

Mullein Folklore Mostly known as a respiratory herb but she has many other uses.  Read on to learn about Mullein’s common names and the reasons behind them: Quaker’s Rouge – the hairs on the leaves are an irritant.  Quaker women would rub their cheeks with the hairy leaves to create a red irritation or as …

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Surprising Uses of Sage

Sage Salvia officinalis – meaning to heal or be healthy. A few years back 🙂 I wrote how I was going to talk about some of the more common herbs that grow easily in England as I felt the more exotic herbs had too much of the spotlight.  So I want to talk about these …

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