Karen Carpenter Herbalist 

Full medical history – an initial consultation will involve building up a picture of you and your health: a full medical history will be taken during which questions will be asked about your presenting complaint and your general health and lifestyle. I will also ask for details of all medicines and supplements you use.

Blood pressure assessment – if appropriate your pulse and blood pressure will be taken.

Treatment plan – a bespoke herbal prescription plus information and advice about diet and lifestyle which will be sent to you via email.

Bespoke herbal prescription – herbal medicine is prescribed based on the presenting complaint as well as other factors such as general health, lifestyle, medications, stress and any co-existing complaints to ensure the best possible results. As no two people are the same, all prescriptions are tailor made for each individual and will include several herbs. 

Control of your own health – I will ensure that you understand your health problems and provide you with the information you need to help you get better and give you control over your own health.  Dietary changes and stress reduction combined with herbs is often the most effective way to make sustained improvements in health.  Then I will be happy to see you leave my herbal care.       

After the initial consultation, a shorter follow up consultation may be required to assess your progress and possibly adjust your herbal prescription.  Further follow up consultations will be discussed with you but it depends on the nature of your condition.


I completed a BSc (Honours) degree in Herbal Medicine at the University of East London in 2015.  Clinical training took place at Stratford Herbal Clinic and Whipps Cross NHS Dermatology Clinic.

Yes. I am trained in herb-drug interactions and will ensure your prescription is safe to take alongside medications you are taking.

There is some confusion around homeopathy and herbal medicine. I often get asked if herbalists are the same as homeopaths. Homeopathic medicines are natural substances that have been diluted many times to the point where if tested the original natural substance is undetectable.  Herbal medicines are made using the whole plant and are not diluted. There are many other differences but this is the main one.

After your consultation it will take approx 5 -7 days before your prescription is posted or ready for collection.

Tinctures, teas and creams are the most popular forms of herbal medicine. Fluid tinctures are taken 5ml three times a day and teas are drunk three times a day.

Tinctures are concentrated liquid herbal extracts. A herb is steeped in alcohol and water for a several weeks until the alcohol and water have extracted chemials from the herb.

Herbs are normally prescribed in a formula to utilise their synergistic effect; when the combined effect is greater than the sum of the effects of individual herbs.  The individualised formulas will treat your symptoms and the root cause of your symptoms.  As herbal medicine is a holistic practice, herbs for emotional wellbeing are often included.  I use the traditional knowledge of herbs (which goes back thousands of years), combined with scientific research and my own experience when making up a herbal blend. 

You may have heard herbalists treat the individual and not the condition.  A common question I am asked is “What herb can I take for hair loss?”  for example.  Well rosemary oil is fantastic at stimulating hair growth.  But I want to achieve the best possible results for you which means I need more of a story.  I want to know what is causing the hair loss.  Stress?  Hormones?  Lack of vitamins and minerals?  Bereavement?  Circulatory problems?  Is it a side effect of pharmaceuticals (e.g chemotherapy) or over the counter drugs?  How long has it been going on for?  What is the pattern of hair loss?  If I just gave you rosemary oil and it didn’t help, it would be natural to give up on herbs proclaiming they don’t work!!  But if we took the time to sit down and I asked how you were feeling I might find out you’re fatigued but it has been going on for so long it’s a normal feeling for you.  In this situation I would recommend you are tested for iron deficiency.  If it turns out you’re iron deficient you probably only need iron tablets to resolve your hair loss.



I initially made an appointment with Karen as my friend suggested her (we both suffer with PCOS and fertility issues). She was really professional, down to earth and gave me great advice. I have been seeing Karen for a long time (trying to conceive) and followed all her advice – changing my diet, exercising and taking herbs. I don’t think I could have done it without her.

Manage anxiety and stress naturally

Karen was a great listener and really seemed to understand my problems. I am really pleased that the herbs she prescribed have improved my condition – I would definitely recommend her.


I took my daughter to see Karen after a friend recommended her to me. As I had never been to see a herbalist before I wasn’t sure what to expect but Karen was great at listening and put me at ease.


Hi Karen. I hope you are well. Just wanted to say that I got my period within 4 weeks and 3 days. No pain , no energy drops, didn't even have tender breasts , so was thinking it won't come again, but it came unexpectedly. I am very happy and hoping this is the sign my hormones are back to it's rhythm. Warm regards and big thank you!