Turkey Tail Monograph

Turkey Tail Monograph

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail is a medicinal mushroom currently used as an adjuvant to conventional cancer treatment in Japan and China.

Botanical Name:  Trametes versicolor

Family:  Polyporaceae

Parts Used:  Fruiting body and mycelium

Constituents:  polysaccharides (PSK – Polysaccharopeptide Krestin and PSP – polysaccharopeptides), tetracyclic triterpenoid sterol, alkaloids, polyphenols

Medicinal Actions:  immunomodulator, adaptogen, antiviral, antimicrobial, antiinflammatory

Uses:  common cold, flu, fatigue, cancer, asthma, sinusitis

Therapeutic Dosage:  Decoction 1-2g per day

Contraindications:  None known

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